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Fed up with unfiltered social media groups where each post has 536 comments?!


We've got our own secure private forum with individual threads for late antenatal hurdles through to the postnatal period. Seeing as Facebook isn't flavour of the month right now, we thought we'd create a monitored and filtered area for you to chat with other parents, at all stages of their postnatal journey. Create your own threads or simply go to the thread that relates to your dilemma.

In here we also host Live Q&A's with our professionals, which you can book onto in advance. See below for a small glimpse into the forum.



A big thank you  

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We really hope that what we offer prepares and/or guides you along your parenting journey with a realistic and clearer idea of what the road ahead could (not should) look like. Don't be a stranger. Log into our Dear Diary platform where you can chat with other parents and if you’re not ready to chat just yet, simply read the comments people make and you can even subscribe to them to be alerted to new responses.

Get in touch and talk to us as well. And we're not just saying that in a marketing kind of way. We're saying it because we care and don't want anyone else to have to go through the kind of struggles we both did when our son arrived. Good luck and see you on the other side. If you need help or have a suggestion, get in touch by emailing us: 

Lauren and Andrew x